MOST Inspirational Business Person of the Year 2019 NEEDED for BREXIT!

Post Brexit we will need real business leaders to stop winging and get cracking on with the job of showing the world how to do business when your political elite have only their own egos and pension funds in mind.

You know who I mean…

• Men and women who know how to knuckle down and get things done

• People who know how to get the best out of the people around them

• Very likely, they have a smashing sense of humour

• They are not scared to look you in the eye, tell you the truth and where they’ve got to finding a solution, looking for your input, not your flannel.

Tell us, who they are and a bit about them, including their LinkedIn or other profiles we can look at to create our own page on them… we’ll post the pages in a “uniform” fashion to make it fair and then look to the UK to vote for their MOST Inspirational Business Person of the Year 2019… we need all the inspiration we can get to lead us onto greatness in the coming years.

Chances are the winner will not bang on about it for years but simply smile, say thank you and get on with the rest of their day.

Entries up till the 29th March, so don’t be late for a very important date… voting begins as soon as their page is up, likes, loves, smiley faces, you name it, they all score towards our MOST Inspirational Business Person of the Year 2019…

Thank you.


Went looking for inspirational pic and the ducks made me smile 😉

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash